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Foreigners who are married to a Chinese
spouse and need to live in China
for a long time

Foreigners with long-term investment
in China

Foreigners who work for a long time
in China

Foreign nationals who are reuniting with
their Chinese parents and need to live in
China for a long time

Foreign nationals who have no other
relatives overseas and need to reunite
with Chinese relatives

High-level expats living in China

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Enjoy national welfare benefits

Participate in Chinese social security, deposit, use and withdraw housing fund; children who move with them can enjoy compulsory education

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Family reunion

Spouse and minor children can also apply for Chinese green card

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in advance
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direction in advance
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Reduce the risk of visa refusal

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The application requirements look simple
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Because most foreigners do not understand their green card application plan, blindly submit information, resulting in the rejection of the application, but they do not know the reason for the rejection! So planning your green card program in advance is so important.

◆Rejected multiple applications

◆Wrong application direction

◆Blind submission of materials

◆No risk assessment

◆Unfamiliar with the application process

◆Ignore data details

Four categories of applications for
permanent residence in China

Family Reunion Based

Spouses, children and relatives of Chinese citizens or foreigners who have obtained permanent residence status in China shall meet the following requirements:
Couples Reunion: spouses who have been married for more than five years, have resided in China for more than five years continuously, have resided in China for no less than nine months each year and have stable living security and residence
Parent-Children Reunion: unmarried children under the age of 18 seek refuge with their parents
Kinship Support: those who have no immediate family members abroad, and those who have immediate family members in China, and are at least 60 years old, have resided in China for at least five consecutive years, and have resided in China for at least nine months each year, and have stable living security and residence

Talent employment Based

Those who hold positions of vice general manager or vice factory director or associate professor or associate researcher or vice senior titles in China and enjoy the same treatment, who have held positions of at least four consecutive years and have resided in China for no less than three years in total within four years and have good tax records shall meet one of the following conditions:
Key colleges and universities
Departments of The State Council or agencies of provincial people's governments
Enterprises and institutions carrying out key national engineering projects or major scientific research projects
High-tech enterprises, encouraged foreign-invested enterprises, foreign-invested advanced technology enterprises or foreign-invested export enterprises

Investment Based

The registered capital actually paid by a person who has made direct investment in China, whose investment has been stable for three consecutive years and whose tax record is good, shall meet one of the following conditions:
The total investment in the encouraged industries in the Catalogue for The Guidance of Foreign Investment issued by the state shall be over US $500,000
More than us $500,000 will be invested in western China and key counties of the state's poverty alleviation and development work
The total investment in central China is over us $1 million
Total investment in China is over us $2 million

Special contribution based

Personnel who have made significant and outstanding contributions to China and are in special need of the country:
Those who have made major and outstanding contributions to the country's economic development and social progress
The world's top talents, special skills and celebrities of great value to the country

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I am a Canadian Chinese and I am currently working in a company in Zhongguancun, Beijing. It has been 5 years since I joined the company. Can I apply for a Chinese green card under this situation?

Beijing has relevant preferential policies for foreign Chinese working in Zhongguancun, who have been employed for more than four years and hold a work residence permit for four consecutive years. Since employment-based green card applications involve many materials and may require communication with multiple government departments, if you need to know more about employment-based applications, you can Contact us for more details.

I have a Shenzhen household registration and my ex-husband is a Harbin household registration. We have obtained a foreign green card before the birth of the child. The child was born in Australia and is 17 years old this year. After the birth, we divorced. Can I help the child apply for a Chinese green card?

Unmarried children under the age of 18 whose nationality is recognized as a foreigner can apply for a green card. Since their parents are divorced, it is necessary to judge where to submit the application based on custody rights.

My husband and I are both registered in Guangzhou, and my husband has an American green card. Our 2-year-old baby was born in the United States. Can we apply for a Chinese green card for the baby?

The parent-child reunion green card requires the identification of the nationality of the baby. For example, if the husband has obtained a US green card before the baby is born, and the baby is born in the United States, it is recognized as an American, and he can apply for a Chinese green card for the baby in the place of the parents' domicile.

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