Talent Green Card

ID card of high-level talents

Chinese Talent Green Card Application

The role of the talent green card is not permanent residence, but a symbol of high-level talents. Major cities in China have relevant policies for talents from all walks of life to apply, and some cities can also apply for a talent recommendation letter with a talent green card, so as to quickly apply for a "foreigner permanent residence ID card" (Chinese green card).

Application conditions for talent green card

Those who meet the needs of Guangzhou to introduce talents, start a business or work in Guangzhou for more than 6 months each year, non-Guangzhou household registration domestic residents, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region residents, Taiwan residents and foreigners, hold Chinese passports, possess Overseas students and other personnel who have permanent (long-term) residency abroad and no household registration in China, have a legal residence in this city, and meet one of the following conditions, can apply for a talent green card.

High-level and highly-skilled talents recognized or verified by Guangzhou City, including:

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Persons enjoying special allowances from the State Council.

National and provincial (ministerial)-level natural science awards, technological invention awards.

In the main undertaking unit of this city's annual key projects, currently hold middle and senior management positions or hold key technical positions.

Overseas high-level talents with certain experience in overseas work, study and innovation and entrepreneurship, including:

Experts and scholars who hold positions equivalent to associate professors or above in famous foreign universities and research institutes.

Talents who have been engaged in R&D, management, etc.

Master the core technology, have independent intellectual property rights.

Leading talents who have rich experience in overseas innovation and entrepreneurship.

Experts with professional and technical qualifications above the senior level and with more than 10 years of experience in related fields.

Experts with professional

and technical qualifications above the senior level

and with more than 10 years of experience in related fields

Main materials for applying for a talent green cardThe rights you have after successfully applying for a talent green card


"Guangzhou Talent Green Card Application Form"


Academic qualifications, degree certificates, vocational qualification certificates, professional technical qualification certificates or relevant high-level talent certification materials.


Valid ID: Submit your passport if you have a foreign nationality.


Proof of marital status.


The applicant who has signed an employment contract or labor contract with the employer shall submit the employment contract or labor contract.


Foreign personnel can directly apply for a foreigner's employment certificate or foreign expert certificate with the talent green card, and can directly apply for a 2-5 year long-term residence permit at the Municipal Public Security Bureau with the official letter of the employer with the talent green card and foreigner's employment certificate or foreign expert certificate.


For those who do not apply for a residence permit, foreigners may, with the talent green card and official letter of the employer, re-issue a zero-, one-, two- or multiple-entry R visa with a validity period of not more than 5 years and a stay period of not more than 180 days.


When foreigners invest and set up enterprises, they can directly apply for an industrial and commercial business license with a talent green card, and there is no need to notarize and authenticate their valid identity certificate.


With the talent green card, you can open an account in any bank in this city, and handle deposit and withdrawal business; you can go to the designated foreign exchange bank for purchase and payment according to the regulations for the remittance of foreign exchange and the RMB profit obtained by the establishment of the enterprise, as well as the legal RMB income obtained in this city. remittance procedures.


Foreigners can purchase one set of self-occupied housing in accordance with relevant state regulations.

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