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Business Visa (M Visa) in China

Chinese business visa M visa (also known as F visa before September 1, 2013): issued to those who go to China for commercial and trade activities (excluding internships in China), and the duration of stay is generally not more than 6 months.

Application scope

Purchase machinery and equipment supporting maintenance, installation, debugging, disassembly, guidance and training

Application scope

Guiding, supervising, and inspecting projects that have won bids in China; or dispatching domestic branches, subsidiaries, or representative offices to complete short-term work

Application scope

Participating in sports events (including athletes, coaches, team doctors, assistants and other relevant personel

Tourist Visa (L Visa) in China

L Visa is issued to foreigners who travel to China for tourism, family visits or other personal affairs. Generally speaking, foreigners who enter China with L visas can extend their tourist visas. The extension time shall not exceed the period of stay of the foreigners' original visas, and the number of entries cannot be increased. After the extension, if there is no special reason, you need to leave the country and re-enter the country before you can apply for an extension again.

Document checklist

Original valid passport and L visa

Document checklist

Original copy of the latest temporary residence registration form

Document checklist

Photo and photo receipt

Visa extension service

Visas for foreigners to China have a certain period of stay. If foreigners need to stay in China for a longer period of time and do not want to go abroad to apply for a new visa, they can consider applying for a visa extension in China. The following are some of the more common visas.

Business visa extension

Under normal circumstances, foreigners who enter the country with ordinary business visas and M visas can extend their business visas once for 1-3 months each time. After an extension, if there is no special reason, you need to leave the country and apply for a visa again before you can apply for an extension again.

Family Visit Visa Extension

Q2 visa, for relatives of Chinese citizens living in China and relatives of foreigners with Chinese permanent residency status who are entering for a short-term (no more than 180 days) visit to their relatives. Relevant materials should be submitted for the extension. The period of stay can be extended up to 180 days.

Visa extension for private affairs

S2 visa, family members of foreigners who stay and reside in China for work, study and other reasons, and who need to stay in China for other personal affairs. For those who visit relatives, the period of stay can be extended for no more than 180 days, and for others, the period of stay can be extended for no more than 90 days.

Government subsidies for innovation teams

Some local governments provide various construction subsidies in order to encourage innovation teams to settle in the area and start businesses. Taking Nanshan District, Shenzhen as an example, Nanshan District officially issued the "Implementation Rules for the Sub-funds for Technological Innovation of Nanshan District's Special Fund for Independent Innovation Industry Development". There are 7 detailed rules for overseas high-level innovative talents "pilot team" support, international scientific and technological achievements transformation center construction support, intellectual property service, operation support, and scientific and technological reward support. Among them, new R&D institutions newly built in Nanshan District can obtain construction subsidies in the initial stage, which can be used for equipment purchase, site rental, and R&D personnel expenses of new R&D institutions. The total amount of support for a single institution does not exceed 10 million yuan. Innovative teams can also receive initial subsidies, with a maximum support amount of 10 million yuan per team.

High-end talents individual tax subsidy

According to the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, some provinces and cities will provide individual income tax subsidies for high-end talents and talents in short supply. The details should be implemented according to local requirements. Taking Shenzhen Qianhai as an example, the Implementation Rules of The Interim Measures for The Recognition of Overseas High-end Talents and Talents in Short supply in Qianhai Cooperation Zone (Trial) was released on 16, 2013. "Interim measures" regulation, the former sea work, in line with the former preferential industry direction of overseas talents and shortage of talents, the payment of wages and salaries in the sea before the personal income tax is the tax payable by more than 15% of the wages and salaries taxable income part, by the shenzhen municipal government to fiscal subsidy, the applicant of the subsidies shall be exempted from individual income tax. The rules require applicants to have internationally recognized professional qualifications or invention patents that are urgently needed in China, such as actuaries, financial planners and financial analysts. The Interim Measures is a further improvement of the supporting policies for Talents in Qianhai, and will form a complete system together with a series of preferential policies such as individual income tax subsidies for talents in Qianhai, marking that the construction of Qianhai Special Talent Zone has taken an important step.

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