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Congratulations to Global Talent Group for being commended by the Asian Games Organizing Committee

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The 18th Asian Games was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from August 18, 2018 to September 2, 2018. China won 132 gold medals, 92 silver medals, and 65 bronze medals, with a total of 289 medals, ranking first in the medal table.

Behind the Asian Games, there are tens of thousands of staff and companies working hard to dedicate their sweat. When we thank the athletes of various countries for the glory of their respective countries, we should also thank the people and units behind the efforts.

Global Talent Group is an enterprise that provides international resources and employment opportunities for talents. In the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, it was recognized by the Asian Games Organizing Committee and awarded a certificate of commendation. GTG Visa, as a company under its brand, won the award of the Asian Games Organizing Committee for it. It is also an honor to be commended.

What contribution has Global Talent Group made to the Asian Games? We provided the Asian Games Organizing Committee with information collection and consultation on athletes from various countries, collected talent information for use and matching, and provided visa consulting services for some athletes, which ensured the smooth progress of some Asian Games events. Global Talent Group fulfills its social responsibility, allowing more people and athletes to identify with our spirit and philosophy.


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