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GTG Visa became the designated cooperative visa service provider of Evergrande Football School

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On October 18, 2018, GTG Visa was invited by the Evergrande Football School to participate in the Evergrande Football School's procurement bidding for visa processing services at the Evergrande Football School Center in Longjing Town, Qingxin District, Qingyuan City.


In several companies that day, GTG Visa's colleagues who participated in the bidding attended in a prudent business attire, and won unanimous praise from the bidding staff of Evergrande Football School. , during the process, we learned about the company situation and case experience from our colleagues three times, and asked for a brief description of the brand enterprise cases we have cooperated with in the past. In the bidding meeting that day, all companies showed professional attitude and style. Unfortunately, the winning result was not announced, but colleagues are definitely ambitious, because GTG Visa has rich case experience and unique service advantages.


Living up to expectations, on October 23, 2018, GTG Visa received a phone call and email notification from Evergrande Football School, and checked the bid winning notice, becoming the 2019 visa service procurement project provider of Evergrande Football School.



On November 1, 2018, GTG Visa signed a service contract with Evergrande Football School, and formally reached a service partnership. We shared this joy together and let more companies know about us. GTG Visa will definitely become an adhering to the future. The ultimate service, providing professional visa solution services for foreigners and units.





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