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What is the difference between Home quarantine, home health monitoring, and self-health monitoring?

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The Spring Festival of 2022 is coming to an end, and the work of the new year is in full swing. Whether it is domestic workers or people entering overseas, they are once again facing a new round of cross-regional travel. In recent years, the epidemic has repeatedly occurred in many places, and various prevention and control measures have been scientifically and accurately implemented by different groups of people in various places to ensure the safe and orderly flow of people.

If you are returning from an epidemic risk area, you may have the following doubts:

"Home quarantine"

"Home Health Monitoring"

"Self Health Monitoring"

What is the difference between them?

What if there is no home quarantine conditions?

Under the period of home health monitoring,it is possible go out?


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Image source: Guangdong CDC

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