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What are the requirements for foreigners to buy a house in China?

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Are there any conditions for foreigners to buy a house in China? How can foreigners buy a house in China? This question is believed to be of great concern to many foreigners who want to work in China.

With the development of social globalization, more and more foreigners would like to come to work in China for various reasons, or even settle down in China. Then buying a house has become a issue that they must consider in China. So, what are the requirements for foreigners to buy a house in China? Let's take a look!

1. Foreigners need to provide the following identification documents to buy a house. Foreigners provide passports and foreigners’ residence certificates (if there is no residence certificate, the Chinese translation of the passport of the Chinese notary agency)

Taiwan compatriots to provide Taiwan compatriot card or confirmed identification

Hong Kong and Macao compatriots provide special administrative region passports or resident ID cards, and mainland travel permits

2. Foreigners who buy a house need to provide the following proof materials that meet the conditions for buying a house

(1) Non-Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan foreigners need to provide proof of working or studying in China for one year (labor contract or visa for one year, etc.).

(2) For the purchase of first-hand commercial housing, the following must be provided:

If there are more than 2 right holders, submit a joint application. If the right holder does not have full capacity for action, a guardianship certificate and a copy of the guardian's ID card (passport) should be submitted;

The Foreign-related Review Opinion issued by the Foreign-related Examination and Approval Office;

After obtaining the real estate surveying and mapping certificate, you can directly go to the real estate transaction center to apply for the real estate ownership certificate.

(3) To purchase a second-hand house, you must provide:

Notarized sales contract;

The Foreign-related Review Opinion issued by the Foreign-related Examination and Approval Office;

"Housing Appraisal Report";

"Certificate of Premises Surveying and Mapping".

3. Foreigners should provide the following materials when applying for a house loan

personal I.D;

proof of down payment;

Lender's income certificate, education certificate and credit certificate;

Marriage certificate (marriage certificate or singlehood certificate), if one spouse entrusts the other party to handle the loan, a "Power of Attorney" should be issued. This certificate should be certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country or by the country's embassy or consulate in my country. Hall certification.

Remarks: If you entrust an agent to purchase a house, you need to go through the notarization procedures. The authority and time limit of the entrustment should be clearly specified in the power of attorney, so as to avoid losses to the client due to unclear authorization.

The above are the conditions that foreigners must meet to buy real estate in China. GTG visa hopes the above content can help foreigners to settle down smoothly in China and buy a house of their own.

Attachment: Foreigners working in China must meet the following conditions:

(1) At least 18 years old and in good health;

(2) Possess the necessary professional skills and corresponding work experience for his/her work;

(3) Non criminal Record;

(4) There is a definite employing unit;

(5) A valid passport or other international travel documents that can replace the passport.


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