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GTG (CHINA) is affiliated to the Global Talent Group in Silicon Valley of the United States. It is committed to providing Chinese and foreign enterprises, foreigners and their families with professional and ultimate residence and visa consulting services in China, aiming to create more job opportunities in China for many overseas talents. Help them live and work in China, and climb to the peak of their careers, so as to realize the value of life. The continuous development and growth of the company has won the recognition of customers and society, and has become a benchmark in the industry. At the same time, as a provider of visa consulting services and solutions in the Pearl River Delta region, GTG's mission is not only to provide visa consulting services to domestic and foreign enterprises and foreigners, but also to build a bridge for Sino-foreign exchanges, and to provide opportunities for all talents. At the beginning of settling in China, we went into battle with the most streamlined team and opened up territory in the mainland market. Today, we sincerely invite you to join our big family, relying on the international platform, through our small team, to achieve a great success! GTG's mission and vision: Committed to global talent development and value realization, matching talents with selected resources and enterprises to create a better future.

Core Values



All GTG employees attended to review 2020 and look forward to 2021


All GTG employees attended to review 2021 and look forward to 2022


Joyful Annual Meeting Work Hard Play Hard

Visa Service Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

》Responsible for analyzing the comprehensive background of customers, formulating plans,reviewing and customizing application documents

》Responsible for the progress control, maintain smooth communication with all departments, and provide timely feedback

》Collect and sort out the latest local policies and share the trends timely

》 Regularly optimize products to provide customers with the most suitable solutions

Position requirements:

》 Regularly optimize products to provide customers with the most suitable solutions

》Have good communication and coordination skills and service awareness, CET-6 or above

》Have meticulous rigor and efficient execution

》Have keen information insight and logical analysis ability

》Full of innovative spirit and good teamwork spirit

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Sales Consultant

Job Highlight:

Specialist personnel, With no development bottleneck, generous income, systematic training, fast promotion through multiple channels;

Flattening management, working with professionals, exposure to Fortune 500 companies, and expanding thinking and vision.

*Customer target: high-end enterprises, individual foreigners, overseas Chinese (mainly Chinese communication)

*Market channels: official website, new media, cooperative suppliers, offline activities, etc.

*Means of communication: telephone, WeChat, interview, visit, etc.

* Salary composition: basic salary + commission + case follow-up commission + department target bonus

(There are 4 salary adjustment opportunities in 1 year, the sales cycle is fast, and the commission is paid monthly)

Job Responsibilities:

》Analyze customers'need and provide customers with professional residence visa and permanent residence solutions;

》Lead the signing process with customers and achieve personal sales indicators;

》 Regularly carry out customer maintenance and development, explore potential customers, and promote secondary conversions (average secondary conversion rate is more than 30%);

》Coordinate the progress of customer projects and improve customer satisfaction;

》Cooperating and assisting with other departments

Position requirements:

》Bachelor degree or above, more than 2-3 years sales/consultant sales experience;

》Have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and can quickly understand customers'need;

》Have good communication and coordination skills, good at listening, solidarity and cooperation;

》Proactive in work, goal-oriented, able to actively develop customers, and strong resistance to pressure;

》Have the self-improvement awareness, take the initiative to learn, and accumulate product knowledge.

Development path for consultant

Professional Development Orientation --> Junior Consultant -- Consultant -- Senior Consultant -- Experienced Consultant -- Chief Consultant

Management Development Orientation --> Junior Consultant -- Consultant -- Senior Consultant -- Consultant Supervisor -- Consultant Manager

[GTG Welfare] We believe that the "elite team" can continue to create miracles, for which we would like to provide:

1. [Sufficient development opportunities] At least 4 promotion opportunities a year, vertical and horizontal development;

2. [More pay for more work] L1-L5 basic salary + post allowance + performance bonus + various subsidies;

3. [Humanized working hours] 09:30-18:30, weekends and public holidays;

4. [Comprehensive Welfare System] 5-15 days of paid leave, insurance and housing fund, perfect attendance award, mid/final-year bonus, annual health check, high temperature allowance, Referal Award, afternoon tea, holiday benefits, birthday/anniversary surprise , domestic and overseas travel,Outwork Day, value award, service award, suits award and other surprises;

5. [Systematic training] orientation training, skill training, management trainee program,growth plan,KOL sharing

6. [Warm office atmosphere, convenient transportation] The team atmosphere is relaxing,open-minded and self-disciplined;

Metro: 6 minutes'walk from Exit G of Tiyuxi Road Station or 8 minutes' walk from Zhujiang New Town Station;

APM Line:7 minutes'walk from Whampoa Avenue Station;

Bus stastion: Tianhe Station and Huaxia Road North Station

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